Rapid Deployment Tents

  • Rapid Deployment Tents for Health Units, Security Forces, Civil Protection, and among others entities
  • Lighting system incorporated into the tent structure
  • Available dimentions: 24m², 32m² and 40m²
  • Made in Portugal with warranty and technical assistance
  • Reduced delivery time
  • Customized printing
  • All Inflatable (No metalic/hard parts)

General Features

  • Valves type ‘SUP’ for inflating and deflating
  • Pressure relief valves to prevent excess pressure filling
  • LED lighting system built into the tent structure
  • Stainless steel hoops for the tent anchoring
  • Wind resistance up to 85Km/h
  • Windows (partial and full opening)
  • Seam with eyelets around the door, enabling the connection to other tents
  • Sealed PVC floor
  • Communication sleeves for passage of cables and air conditioning ducts
  • Multiple interior attaching points, enabling the division of the internal space

Included Accessories

  • 600W electric air pumps PROPER FOR THE SUP valves
  • Rectifying pump (5W) - (small pump to balance the pressure in case of prolonged use)
  • Reinforced belts for anchoring
  • Bags for filling with sand (to fixate the structure)
  • Reinforced PVC bag for transport and storage
  • Quick Repair Kit

Accessories /extras

  • Installation of watertight monophasic plugs
  • Waterproof/ SEALED-LED lighting system
  • Logo printing/ Decoration
  • EXTRA Air pump SUP 600W
  • Internal PVC partitions

External Dimensions and Interior Floor Area

Tenda 6m x 4,8m (24m²)

Tends 8m x 4,8m (32m²)